This year we celebrate our 30th birthday, having spent the preceding years carving out an impeccable reputation as one of London’s foremost upholsterers.

Upholstery and furniture restoration has and always will be our major passion; we go to work every day to create and restore beautiful objects that delight our clients and provide them with many years of enjoyment.

We’re a highly qualified firm who have spent decades perfecting a comprehensive arsenal of modern and traditional techniques that we can use to get the result you desire. A lifetime of dedication is channelled into each and every job, no matter what the size or complexity.

Our multi-disciplinary team of highly skilled craftsmen is big enough to handle large contracts from hotels, restaurants and other venues where there is a substantial volume of work to complete, so from a simple sofa to a selection of suites, anything is possible.

We love to travel and generally consider anywhere within 100 miles of London as “home turf” however we will travel further as necessary, because distance is no object in pursuit of your craft.